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Neonic Pickleball

Neonic Blacklight Ping Pong Set

Neonic Blacklight Ping Pong Set

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  • Portable Easy Setup - Open the box and you'll be playing in minutes. The kit features a universal net and a UV Light with a simple ceiling or table attachment.

  • Bright Intense Quality Glow - Powerful UV lighting and bright neon tape gives a bright glow for as long as you want to play!

  • Play on Any Table - Set up your kit on a ping pong table or any other table, including desks, dining tables, or picnic tables!

  • The Perfect Party Solution - Entertain dozens of guests for hours! No more expensive venues for birthday parties. Host an epic party in your own living room!

  • Set Includes: 20 Watt LED UV Blacklight, UV Reflective Tape, Ping Pong Balls, Universal Ping Pong Net, 2 Paddles with Glowing Side Tape
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